909 Old Hill City Rd
Keystone SD 57751


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        Planning to see Mt. Rushmore ?? Nearby, Black Hills Glass Blowers is nestled in a lovely area of Keystone. The studio is open daily mid - May through mid - Sept. during tourist season. Schedule varies in off - season: open part-time, call ahead. (605)666-4542.


        At the studio Peter Hopkins & Gail Damin create art glass by using blowpipes to gather molten glass from a 2000 degree furnace. The hot glass is blown and tooled to create vases, bowls, goblets, and paperweights in an array of form and color. They also lampwork figurines, animals, flowers, ornaments by using a torch to melt glass rods and tubes.


        Visitors can often see the blowing process or lampworking technique. On location, a beautiful selection of art glass and figurines is displayed for your shopping pleasure.